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Just getcholifeee with C.Â.M.P by ICON

Stop playing and just @Getcholifeee with Shaniqua stallings !!! She is a Norfolk Native style icon ,she bring the Perfect blend of sporty, Classy and quirky with each and every look depending on her mood or the mood !!! Get into it. She has styled Countless shoots and runway shows and now she has her own YouTube Chanel where you can get into her creative process ,like share and Subscribe Period !!! Get to know our girl Nika a little better with 12 questions with C.Â.M.P by ICON , as she slays and style Our latest Collection A Neutral Summer for her latest TRY ON HAUL !!!!

1.Tell us about yourself and Brand?

I’ve loved fashion since I was in high school. I’ve always styled myself and sometimes my friends in different outfits and trends. FreestylebyNika is about showing my followers how to be versatile with their clothing. I use my vlog as a platform for black owned fashion brands and to help introduce my followers to these brands.

2. Where do you see yourself and Brand a few years from now?

I see my brand becoming a bigger platform to help create different opportunities for black owned fashion brands. I feel like black owned business are really about to break through and I just really want to help and be a part of that. I also plan to start selling products myself, fashion has always been something that has stuck with me and I want to purse this dream to the fullest.

3 . What’s one Peace of Advice for someone who may be looking to start A YouTube Chanel and branding but haven’t yet ? I would say you have to just start that’s really the hardest thing. Once you start your channel consistency is key people really pay attention to that. I’m very new to this so it’s a lot of things that I am still learning but I believe that being your true authentic self is key to being successful.

4. How has Social media help you with your brand and Chanel ?

Social media has helped me connect with other creatives and get my brand out there. It also has helped create a lot of my supporters. Social media also helps keep me motivated and continuing to build my band.

5 . At what age did you Discover your Passion for fashion and entertainment ? At 15 I discovered I loved fashion and I signed for a fashion design class my sophomore year.

6. What’s one thing that separates your YouTube channels from others ?

My YouTube channel focusing on introducing black owned fashion brands something that I haven’t really seen often on YouTube.

7. How would you describe your Aesthetic? I would say just being very versatile. I pride myself as being able to look the part and find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

8. Where do you get your inspiration for your videos ? My inspiration now comes from really trying to help build black wealth and getting the community involved.  Researching different black owned fashion brands and trying out the products that I like and that I believe my subscribers would be interested in trying too.

9. Who are some of your favorite style or YouTube icons ? I love Jackie Aina very inspirational, authentic, and funny!

10. What’s your favorite YouTube video you done so far and why? My favorite Youtube video I have done so far is when I let my subscribers pick my New year’s outfit! People seemed to really like it and it was really fun getting everyone’s feedback, I plan to do a similar one soon.

11. What can we be Expecting from your YouTube and instagram In the near future? You can expect to see me introducing you guys to some black owned accessory and shoes brands that I have recently discovered. I want people to be able to come to my vlog and look at my videos specifically to find new black owned brands to shop.

12. What can we be Expecting from your YouTube and instagram In the near future? I loved working with C.A.M.P By ICON very professional and organized! The clothes are very stylish and really great quality!

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