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KelseyM ✖️ C.Â.M.P

Get to know Fashion blogger, styling, Brand ambassador, and Fashionista Kelsey Collins  . She is The girl who can Flip any Piece into Multiple looks in under a minute here’s her take on C.Â.M.P by Icon snake biker shorts and crop top get into it !!!!!

1. Tell us about your brand ? I am my brand. My sense of style/fashion, my creativity, my creative process all in video is my art. I am art. From head to toe. A fun fact is that when I’m creating these videos I don’t come up with the outfit concepts until I’m right there in the moment. I’ve never been a planner of outfits, my outfits depend on my mood that I’m feeling at that exact moment. That’s the creativity/art behind it. Everyone gets to see as I’m coming up with these ideas and bringing them to life 2. Where do you see your brand a few years from now? I see my brand expanding outside of social media. I want to offer a product as well as a service. I make content because I truly enjoy the process behind the scenes. What everyone sees is just a 1 minute glimpse into my brain. I want to provide styling services for others, I want to work with other body types and styles and expand my skills. Everyone won’t be able to wear certain styles that i wear. I want to teach people how to wear what works for THEM & to collaborate & help them to develop their own personal style/fashion. 3. What’s one “Peace of Advice” for someone who may be looking to start a brand but hasn’t yet? I would say to just go for it. Think about what is is that they want associated with their brand. Believe in themselves and take a leap of faith. I slept on myself for so many years. I had idea after idea and would hold myself back based on my own thoughts. Then I would see people doing the exact same thing that I thought about but was too scared to do. You are your biggest critic. Once you can get past your own brain, you can do anything you want. 4. How has social media helped you with your brand? Inspiration and exposure. It helped give me the push to just put myself out there for people to see what I can do and to see where it takes me. In this day you would be crazy not to utilize social media. It’s literally a free tool to promote what ever it is that you want! You can literally make money off of a free app. That’s winning. Period. 5. At what age did you discover your passion for fashion? I would say middle school age. I’ve always had my own style. My parents were born in the 50’s and they weren’t into name brand. They didn’t care what I wore as long as I had on clothes. I would be so upset because I wanted what everyone was wearing. So that forced me to work with what I had. It made me get creative, find myself and my own personality. I always took risks with my style! Pushed the limits. It would literally evolve year after year. To this day I literally don’t buy name brand. You can have on a $500 pair of shoes or shirt and still have no style. I didn’t understand then but now I’m so thankful for my parents! It helped make my style what it is today. 6. When did you discover your passion for styling and blogging? Styling was after high school. When I could express myself more on a daily basis and not have to follow rules. It progressed my freshman year of college and grew more once I was noticed & requested to join all of the modeling orgs on campus at the time. People would always want to come shop in my closet or ask for advice or want me to style them. I will literally find anything and try and turn it into fashion. Blogging is new for me so about 2-3 months ago. I love the creative and editing process of it all! Then once you get the finished product it’s a bomb feeling! 7. How would you describe your aesthetic? I would describe my aesthetic as authentic, unapologetic, risky, creative, and innovative. 8. Where do you get your inspiration? Successful people. Whether it’s people I know personally or just through social media. It pushes me to go after what I want. Like if they can do it why can’t I? Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. It’s up to me to figure out what to do with mine. Life is too short to not go after my dreams. I express myself through my fashion. Sometimes i think of a theme or a character I want to exude and then i just try to create it. 9. Who are some of your favorite style icons? Rihanna of course! She’s so daring with her style. She can turn Nothing into something. She doesn’t care about what people thinks, & she always gives a look. A true pisces like me. “It’s ugly until Rihanna wears it” I love that saying! Lol 10. What’s one fashion item you can’t live without? A good pump! Heels are my thing! I will wear them, rain, sleet or snow! I don’t care! The right heel can turn an outfit into a LOOK! 11. What can we expect from your brand in the near future? Growth and more content. I want to expand from Instagram to YouTube as well. Where I can post longer more detailed videos, and be able to talk and connect with my audience more. Also expanding into lanes other than just fashion. I have a few talents that I haven’t shared with the world yet. 12. How was it working with C.Â.M.P for the first time? It was a great experience and opportunity! I’m so grateful that Icon saw something in me and wanted to collaborate! He was so attentive, got the items to me quickly and didn’t rush me. He was okay to move on my time and at my pace. This opportunity made me push myself personally and creatively. He gave me full control to do what ever I wanted with the pieces. He encouraged me and was positive that I would bring great content to the table and I’m thankful that he believed in me! Im super proud of Icon and his collection and wish him nothing but success!

Instagram: @ohkelsyeym_

Facebook: kelseyM

Email :

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