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Meet Our Brand Developer Alliannah Hamilton #alliart

Our brand developer, Alliannah Hamilton of Alliannah Artistry, or #alliart as known on social media, is a visual artist who specializes in Photography, Graphic Design, Video Production, and Creative Direction. She has helped bring the vision of C.A.M.P. by icon alive by developing the logo design, the product and campaign photos, the video promos, as well as developing our website. Here's a bit about her through the C.A.M.P's eye:

1. Tell us about your brand.

My brand, Alliannah Artistry, or #AlliArt, consists of 1. Being a full time, self employed visual artist, as well as a providing services that include just about all things artistic and media based. Those services include photography, graphic design, film production and direction, and creative direction.

2. Where do you see your brand a few years from now?

I see my brand being as expanded as i'm working towards it to be as well as becoming a world renown artist, which is my ultimate goal. I will be the go-to company that provides media services but with a grounds in artistic and conceptual development. Meaning, the services I provide will be for those that need visuals or development and are looking to treat their projects as a work of art. My company will be separated from Alliannah Artistry, and Alliannah Artistry will be solely MY ART. My brand will be an advocate for the millennial artist and millennial female artist.

3. What's one thing about your brand that separates you from the rest?

I can say that the biggest thing that separates me from the rest is the fact that I am conceptual with all that I do. I live everyday as an artist, and what I go through becomes the grounds to what I create and how I create it. Being conceptual gives meaning to everything. I have commited myself to becoming a better person everyday by doing things that make me uncomfortable and chasing my fears away so that I can be the best artist I want to be. This has made my life interesting and a bit ugly in the most beautiful way. I put my all in everything I do so that I can translate messages to the world that I believe can help set another person free from all the oppressions that held them back from their life as well as previous generations.

4. Where do you get your inspiration

I get my inspiration from growth, evolution, and life. When I grew as a person mentally I saw a big jump in my talent as an artist and had a small taste of liberation. This inspired me to want to evolve as much as I can and the universe helps me by making me face my darkest struggles which then inspires me to release those things in my art.

5. At what age did you discover your passion?

Although I had been photographing and filming since I was a young girl, and started graphic designing at a young age as well, I didn't discover that these were my passions until I was about 15/ my junior year in high school (I was a young one).

6. How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would describe my aesthetic as artistic, raw, deep, innovative, and unique.

7. What's one 'Peace of Advice' for someone who may be looking to start a brand but hasn't yet?

Take Your Time! I believe that TIME IS NON EXISTENT. What's real is DIRECTION and DISTANCE. Taking your time will ensure that your maximum energy is devoted to your brand but you want to make sure your direction is solid and locked. The amount of energy and passion you put in your brand will result in the best outcome. This outcome is not based on what time you put it out into the world. If you put your all into something it doesn't matter if you put it out tomorrow or next year the energy behind it will remain the same.

8. How does fashion and your art mix.

I rely on fashion, especially in my art and photography, as a big part of expressing a message and attracting the attention. Wether it be nude or a big fancy dress, the fashion aspect of my art plays apart in the message I want to give.

9. What was your favorite part about the C.A.M.P. Project?

To be honest the whole thing! Bringing Icon's idea to life was fun and liberating. He said this is what I want, I said I'm going to make it happen for you! The shoot was one the biggest shoots I've done and the way we planned and directed it made the entire process go smooth giving us perfect results. The teamwork! The teamwork behind it (UGH!!!)- the teamwork really gives me lots of lovely feels inside- THIS I can say was my favorite part, actually. After the shoot, putting it all together was liberating as well. Just seeing the visions of everything come to life from the photos to the campaign to the logo and videos -I really love that.

Get to know Alliannah more by following her on instagram at @alliart757 and checking out her website:

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