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Rashaya B. X C.Â.M.P 💚📽💣

She motivates ,she inspires, she influence, with one video at a time. Rashaya Boston better known as @pretty_shayaa give us a glimpse into her world by expressing herself true self through her YouTube channel and media platforms. She provides awesome content that includes fashion hauls, Beauty ,Fitness and overall life experiences ! Get to know this up and coming YouTube Personality with her Latest video spring Fashion haul C.Â.M.P Addition as she review our latest collection, don't forget to smash that subscribe button !!!!

Here’s 12 questions to help you get to know Rashaya B. !!!

1 . Tell us about yourself and Brand?

My name is Rashaya B. and I am a 25 year old hustler. I am aiming to reach a bigger audience outside of social media. I currently make clothing videos, VLOGS, reviews etc on my Youtube page. I've been doing Youtube now as a part time hustle for a little over a year. My brand is all about being yourself and confident while still being relatable to others as well. 2 . Where do you see yourself and Brand a few years from now?

I see myself and my brand on the big screens. I also see myself collaborating with major brands, possibly doing videos for them or even commercials.  3 . What’s one Peace of Advice for someone who may be looking to start A YouTube Chanel and branding but haven’t yet ?

Just do it! Just that simple. The sooner you do it the better. 4 . How has Social media help you with your brand and Chanel ?

Social media has allowed me to share my content outside of Youtube. It has also allowed me to reach a bigger audience. I use social media to promote my Youtube channel that way I can grab the attention of people outside of Youtube. 5 . At what age did you Discover your Passion for fashion and entertainment ? Honestly, I been knew I wanted to do fashion/entertainment since I was in high school. I was just always afraid, so about age 23 I made the decision to finally pursue it. 6 . What’s one thing that separates your YouTube channels from others ?

Authenticity. Not saying others channels are fake, but my channel truly shows you the good and bad. I share my honest reviews/reactions to whatever it is I am doing or promoting on my channel. You are also able to relate to me because I am not perfect and my channel shows that. 7 . How would you describe your Aesthetic?

I would describe my aesthetic as pleasant, positive or artful. In addition to edgy with a bit of sauce lol. Seriously though! 8. Where do you get your inspiration for your videos ?

Honestly, myself. I sit and think of different things I want to do daily. Of course I get inspired by others on Youtube and gain ideas that way but that isn't the only source of where my inspiration stems from. 9. Who are some of your favorite style or YouTube icons ?

Ummm, I enjoy watching Patricia Bright. She is honest with her reviews but still show personality which is what I like. Plus she is like an OG Youtuber. 10 . What’s your favorite YouTube video you done so far and why?

Ummmmm, my first video! The growth I've had since then is crazy to me but it is always good to go back to see where and how I started with that very first video. 11. What can we be Expecting from your YouTube and instagram In the near future?

You can expect more hauls, reviews, family/friend VLOGS and more fitness videos as well. Possibly collaborating with other brands as well. 12 . How was your experience working C.Â.M.P By ICON ?

My experience was great! Very professional and uniformed! The communication was great as well and the content/results came out great! Hopefully I can work with the brand again! Thank You

instagram : @pretty_shayaa

Facebook : Rashaya A. Boston

Email :

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