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This is keiabeia_

Up-and-coming I think not!!! Meet the multi faceted woman herself, our C.Â.M.P muse Lakeia Cooper. She is a Renowned Brand ambassador, Wardrobe stylist, model, and blogger from the heart of Virginia . She is working to take the fashion world by Strom one Project at a time. She's Fierce,Prompt,Organized, and precise. Get to know how she does it as she answers 12 questions with with C.Â.M.P by icon!!!!

1 Tell us about yourself and Brand?

-Wasssup! Its ya girl Lakeia and I’m a model, wardrobe stylist, and brand ambassador! I started modeling around the age of 6 which led me to love everything about the model/fashion world! I believe it’s impossible to be a model and not know anything about fashion and style. So around 2016 I decided I wanted to take a leap of faith and step behind the scenes and style models for their photoshoots as well. I enjoy being in the spot light and also behind the scenes, It’s a perfect balance in my world! 

2 Where do you see yourself and Brand a few years from now?

-In a few years I see myself and my brand going so far! I’m looking to work with more dope creatives like myself, so expect a lot of traveling and publications! 

3 What’s one piece of Advice for someone who may be looking to start Styling and branding but haven’t yet ? 

- GO FOR IT! My advice to an aspiring stylist is to make sure you figure out exactly what type of styling you want to pursue. You have fashion styling, wardrobe styling, personal styling, etc...So be sure to do LOTS of research and studying then go from there because that’s how you will determine your marketing and promotions to attract your target market. When it comes to branding, It’s more about how you represent a brand and how much traffic and inquiries you’re able to bring to that brand. So my advice for an aspiring brand ambassador is to truly believe in the brand you’re representing, be influential, and have DOPE STYLE! 

4 How has Social media help you with your brand and what’s your favorite media outlet ?

- Social media has definitely helped me and my brand out a lot. Instagram has took us places I’ve always imagined...New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, it’s amazing! With that being said, Instagram will have to be my favorite outlet. 

5 At what age did you Discover your Passion for fashion? 

- I’ve always known I had an eye for fashion  since around the age of 9, that’s when Project Runway first premiered! Love that show! 

6 When did you Discover your Passion for styling?

- I discovered my passion for fashion around the age of 9. Between watching Project Runway and ANTM, I took a lot from each show when it came to fashion. That’s when I also fell in love with “High fashion.” 

7 How would you describe your Aesthetic? 

-clean, fun, unique, and bold. 

8 Where do you get your inspiration ?

- Some of my inspiration comes from the 90s era. Their style to me was so effortlessly, minimalist, free and comfortable. Also some of my inspiration comes from haute couture. I love to stand out and be different! 

9 Who are some of your favorite style icons ?

-Fashion icons of today would be Zendaya and Kendall Jenner. 

10 What’s One fashion Item you can’t live with out ?

- I can’t live without dope jacket/coat. It’s a must have statement piece for me! 

11 What can we be Expecting from your brand and instagram In the near future?

- You can expect more dope and innovative content. I just want to keep the art flowing for the people, so definitely look out for more work from me, whether it’s wardrobe styling, modeling, and/or branding.

12 How was your experience work with C.Â.M.P By ICON ?

- I LOVE working with C.A.M.P By ICON! It’s my second year being a brand ambassador for the brand and each year was a SUCCESS! I’m super thankful to be apart of the vision and I know the brand will go FAR! 💚

Business Emails:

Instagram: *3 underscores for both*



Facebook: Pink Hanger

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